A Client’s view on Personal growth and Transactional Analysis

”Self-development is important to me so I participate in four hours of group therapy each month

As well as helping me solve my own problems and deal with the stresses in everyday life, it has also been hugely beneficial in helping me have good relationships with people. I have also found that the group therapy has helped me as a parent and informed me positively about humanity and the human condition.

What’s more, I have worked to relinquish psychological blockages and distorted beliefs about myself and others – and I now have a calm view of the world.

Through this process of self-development I have come to appreciate that one of my on-going challenges is to be ‘in the moment’. This is what Eric Berne, the founder of Transactional Analysis, called ‘autonomy’ (eventually leading to ‘intimacy’ and ‘spontaneity’), and it involves me responding to stimulus in the environment with the immediacy that reflects bodily sensation, energy and emotion.”

Richard Mottram BSc (Arch), AADip, Dip (Couns), MBACP (Accred)

T: 01946 823915 – E: rrich.mott@ic24.net

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