Thoughts on Ethics, Contracts and TA principles

Contracting or making agreements is crucial to the way in which The Cumbria Counselling Group work.

This is congruent with both the BACP Code of Ethics & Practice and the ITA Code of Ethics & Practice, and the ethical principles underlying them. ‘Ensuring that the client’s best interests are achieved requires systematic monitoring of practice and outcomes by the best available means’.

This means your therapist will have a discussion with you and make an agreement, not only about making appointments and payments, but also about your overall goals, and what your part and the therapist’s part is in reaching them. You will be given a business contract and a therapy contract setting out this information.

To make sense of our life and our environment we need the structure and understanding of an order. Contracts with another can provide part of that order.  As a result contracting is a continuous process of interaction between you and your therapist throughout the therapy.

Part of the importance of this open and explicit relationship is that you are then able to experience for yourself the potency that comes from clear discussion, agreements and understandings.

Richard Mottram BSc (Arch), AADip, Dip (Couns), MBACP (Accred)

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Click for the BACP Code of Ethics & Practice.   –   Click for the ITA Code of Ethics & Practice.